On the heels of an announcement by the Ralph Lauren Corporation, Victoria’s Secret parent-company, L Brands has published a new policy on the use of popular but controversial wood-based fabrics, like rayon, viscose and modal. L Brands has committed to tracing the source of wood-based fabrics used in its clothing lines and to eliminate sources connected to the destruction of rainforests and the violation of human rights.

This new policy will apply to L Brands extensive operations, including popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. L Brands joins a growing list of fashion companies (such as H&M, Zara, Stella McCartney, ASOS, Levi Strauss & Co.) attempting to address deforestation and human rights abuses in their supply chains, but it follows fashion giant Ralph Lauren as one of a few major US-based companies to address the issue.

L Brands’ policy and actions on wood-based fabrics were developed in cooperation with Rainforest Action Network (RAN), whose “Out of Fashion” campaign has been bringing attention to the risks that controversial wood-based fabrics pose to endangered forests and human rights in Indonesia and elsewhere.  “The world’s rainforests have been cleared for fashion for decades. Indigenous communities in North Sumatra, Indonesia, and elsewhere have been fighting against land-grabbing and other human rights abuses as pulp plantations for fabric have steadily expanded onto their traditional lands. The production of wood-based fabrics at the expense of rainforest and human rights needs to stop,” said Brihannala Morgan, Senior Forest Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network (RAN), who worked with L Brands on the creation of its policy.


According to The Washington Post, Marla Maples has asked a well-regarded DC hairdresser to work for free in exchange for Inauguration Day “exposure.”  Freelance stylist Tricia Kelly (pictured above), a fixture among Capitol Hill mavens, was contacted through one of her clients to perform services on both Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump for Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  When Kelly shared her customary rates (which include a $150 travel fee), she was told that the mother and daughter had a combined budget of only $300 for hair and makeup.  After some negotiation, Kelly agreed to a fee of $200 (to style both clients), while a makeup artist agreed to work for $150.  According to Kelly, Maples’ assistant then called back, requesting that the stylists work for free.

Needless to say, Kelly declined. “I was stunned,” she said. “I told them . . . I work for a fee, not for free,” adding, “There are people who make far less than they do who pay full price.  People on staff — the incoming White House and the outgoing one — pay full price. It seemed like they were trying to see how much they could get for free based on their names.”  While receiving free services in exchange for promotion is customary in Hollywood, it is considered to be in poor taste in Washington.  In fact, the President must report any gifts valued at $300 or more given to him, his wife, and his minor children; however, legally Maples and Tiffany Trump are free to make such arrangements.

According to The Post, a spokeswoman for Maples declined to comment on the story.  Kelly, though, claims that she received a strong warning from the client who served as the Maples intermediary:  “You are messing with the president of the United States,” the client allegedly wrote, claiming that Maples has been worried about her financial situation. “She is used to a certain lifestyle and you don’t understand that,” she added.


Did you know periodontal (gum) disease can either be an indicator or effect of other serious, systemic health problems?  Oral health is profoundly important, and goes far beyond simply having white teeth or a pretty smile.  While committing to a healthier approach to 2017, we’ve enlisted Dr. Caitlin Grimes of Alabama’s StoneCreek Dental Care to share her top seven ways to help New Year’s “resolution-ers” up their oral health game:

Choose the right foods. We’ve all heard that we need to avoid sugary foods so we won’t get cavities. While this is true, there are certain foods you should be eating that can actually help your mouth. Next time you’re in the kitchen, reach for crunchy foods like celery, carrots and apples — not only are they healthy, but they also increase saliva production. More saliva means less bacteria-producing acid in your mouth that may lead to cavities and erode your enamel. Calcium-rich dairy products (think: milk, yogurt and cheese) are also great options to help strengthen your teeth.

Change your toothbrush.  Chances are, you haven’t changed your toothbrush in months or maybe even a year. If your toothbrush is worn out, it definitely will not clean your teeth as effectively as it once did, and may even be leaving behind plaque and food debris. Throw your old one out, and aim to replace it every two or three months.

Pick up that floss!  There seems to be a never-ending debate about whether or not flossing is a necessity. The answer is actually quite simple – it’s YES, you need to floss! Flossing gets rid of food trapped between your teeth, helps removes bacteria and plaque and freshens breath. It’s a win-win-win! Read more of this story »