plastic-surgery-concernsSearching for a cosmetic surgeon is more manageable when you use a clearly-defined system to make the choice. Consider all options and weigh them cautiously. If you’re consulting with a cosmetic surgeon and any of the following red-flags emerge, do consider looking for a different doctor!

1. They offer discount coupons.  Discount coupons make sense if you’re looking for a haircut or a massage, not for plastic surgery. “Don’t bargain price when it comes to something serious like surgery. You want to make sure you research the average prices and if something seems too steep of a discount, beware!” says Dr. John Zannis, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in New Bern, North Carolina.

2. The surgeon is not Board-Certified.  Look for credentials — someone who is Board-Certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means the surgeon has had at least six years of surgical training (with two or three years devoted specifically to plastic surgery), has passed rigorous oral and written examinations, and has demonstrated safe and ethical surgical practice.

3. They make lofty promises.  Any surgeon who promises to make you look like a celebrity, or says he or she can make you look 30 years younger is over-promising.  A skilled surgeon knows the potential and limitations of surgery and will be clear about this from the start. And a good surgeon will want you to look like an improved version of yourself and not someone else. Read more of this story »



Glamorous gals are taking a page from Gwen Stefani’s playbook and going platinum these days.  Take Kylie Jenner (left) and Sofia Richie (right), who both have adopted the striking look.  Celebrity colorist and Creative Director of goodDYEyoung, Brian O’Connor, is frequently asked by clients to help them attain those uber-blonde locks.  After all, there are so many variables when lightening up one’s natural base color.  He addresses them here with Beauty Undercover!

  • O’Connor tells clients to select the right shade of blonde for their skin tone and eye color.  This ensures that “you’re complementing features not making them harsh.”
  • When starting, try not to go more than 2-3 shades lighter than one’s natural color to avoid brassiness (you know, chick fuzz blonde).  “However, if you have darker hair and want it super light, use purple toned shampoos and conditioners as well as ash based toners or glazes to help cancel out the warmth.”
  • “If you’re bleaching at-home there are always risks involved – with over-processing being the biggest concern. Read the instructions carefully, and follow them to avoid too much damage.”
  • When going for a bright platinum (and not a golden shade), O’Connor says that a conditioning bleach product is a must.  We like goodDYEyoung Lightening Kit  because it contains aloe, rice flour, amino acids and hair Keratin to safely lift color while maintaining its integrity.


emmy-styleThe 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was one of the hottest night’s in Hollywood and its stars were dressed to thrill!  Notable looks were seen (from left to right) on Jill Kargman (Valentino), Priyanka Chopra (Jason Wu), Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Paulson (Prada), and Michelle Dockery (Oscar de la Renta).  But those were not the only wowsers!  Check out Kerry Washington (in Brandon Maxwell) and Emily Ratajkowski (in Zac Posen), whose glam squads share how to attain their glamorous Emmy styles!